Mike Gow is at The Berkeley Clinic.

May 3, 2013 · Glasgow ·

We were pleasantly surprised at the end of March 2013 at The Berkeley Clinic, 5 Newton Terrace when Bonnie, Alven, Yvonne and Gary dropped in. The were visiting from the States and have been researching their family tree. Bonnie’s (centre) grandfather (Dr Algernon Wood-Smith) owned the building back in the 1870s. He was a medical doctor and practiced and lived in the building. I was already aware of Dr Wood-Smith having looked at old census records for the address. Bonnie and Yvonne showed me some of their family research and I was struck by a familiar name. Dr Wood-Smith had a son (Bonnie’s father) called George Fairfull Wood-Smith. There was a very well known dentist in Glasgow called George Fairfull-Smith. Although I never met George, I have heard many stories about him over the years. He was one of the first to use hypnosis within the Glasgow dental hospital. The similarities in the name seemed to great to be co-incidence. I couldn’t resist the challenge of seeing if I could track down any link using my family-tree skills! It turns out, Dr Algernon Wood-Smith who owned 5 Newton Terrace 140 years ago was actually dentist George Fairfull-Smith’s great uncle! It really is a small world!


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