You can fly to Hamburg Airport from almost everywhere in the world. There are various bus lines connecting the airport with the city centre and the public transport system. An express bus connects the airport with the central train station. More information at

The Festival Centre, including Infocounter, Film Market and the Festival Club can be reached best from station Bahrenfeld. Form there it is only 5 minutes walk. You can also take the buses 283 or 37 until station Grünebergstraße or Daimlerstraße. From train station Altona you get there by taking the exit Ottenser Hauptstraße. Follow Ottenser Hauptstraße and turn right into Bahrenfelder Straße, keep straight on Friedensallee until you arrive at number 128 on the right side. This takes about fifteen minutes. All cinemas can be reached easily with public transportation from station Bahrenfeld or train station Altona.

As the festival takes place in various cinemas it is sometimes a bit tricky to get from one place to the other and in summer it is really uncomfortable to sit in the underground all the time. Therefore we advise everyone to use the best possible way to get around in Hamburg: ride a bicycle. At the Infocounter we have a couple of bicycles for rent. If you like you to use them- also for the whole festival period- it costs only 4 Euro a day. Guests who stay at 25hours hotel may use the hotel bikes for free.

At night the spotlight will be our festival centre Halle 5 at the Kolbenhof (Friedensallee 128) with the legendary festival club, which is open daily and invites all guests to get-together, dance and drink.

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