[Vimeo Support] Re: RE: Attention required on your Vimeo account Legal @ Vimeo Reply| Tue 19:03 You ##- Please type your reply above this line -## To ensure delivery, add support@vimeo.com to your address book. Kristoff (Vimeo Support) Jun 21, 3:03 PM EDT Our moderation team has reviewed your account, and we have confirmed that your content abides by the rules of Vimeo. I have fully reinstated your account, and your videos are up and running. We’ve taken measures to ensure this won’t happen again. Thank you for using Vimeo! Sincerely, Kristoff jane topping Jun 18, 6:32 AM EDT Thank you for using Vimeo! Sincerely, Kristoff jane topping Jun 18, 6:32 AM EDT Dear Vimeo, I am an artist and PhD student (University of Cumbria, UK) and I believe that my use of copyrighted material within my current work can be considered fair use. 1. The purpose and character of use is transformative. I use found footage and clips to critique the original, or attitudes at the time the original was made. My work often uses juxtaposition to parody tropes of fandom and fame, within a framework of film criticism. The work that I currently store on Vimeo is intended as scholarly research only, to be viewed by other scholars and my PhD supervising team. My work is not for sale and is not shown in any context which might result in monetary gain for myself. 2. The nature of the copyrighted work is creative, but my use of it is also creative, as I use snippets of known work in order to interrogate viewers’ relationship to the original. I utilise found footage within the long held fine art tradition of appropriation, first made visible by Joseph Cornel’s Rose Hobart (1936) 19m and popularised by the ‘Pictures Generation’ of artists, coming out of NYC in the early 1980s. 3. The amount of the found footage manipulated my me is a small percentage of the original’s whole and is often not immediately recognisable as coming from a particular source. 4. The effect of my use of copyrighted material on the market value of the original work is negligible. No one would watch one of my films instead of enjoying the original in full. If anything, my short clips of copyrighted material may encourage my limited number of viewers to seek out and purchase a DVD of a copyrighted film. There is one video of mine which I believe does not fall into the fair use area, as it uses a song in full (“I, Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi (I Like You Very Much)”, written for That Night in Rio and was popularised by Carmen Miranda. The lyrics were written by Mack Gordon and the music by Harry Warren). I have removed this video from Vimeo. Do please consider my appeal and kind regards to you all at Vimeo, Jane My website is: Jane Topping My blog is: The View from Cockforest ________________________________ To: janetopping@hotmail.com Subject: Attention required on your Vimeo account Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2016 12:34:26 -0400 From: rights@vimeo.com To ensure delivery, add no-reply@vimeo.com to your address book. [http://f.vimeocdn.com//images_v6/email/bg_h eader_email.png] [Vimeo] Hello Jane Topping, A Vimeo moderator marked your account for review for the following reason: Vimeo does not allow you to upload material that you did not create yourself. You need to take the following action as soon as possible: Please remove any and all videos you did not create yourself from your Vimeo account. Videos can be deleted from their Settings page. After 1 week, we will review your account again to make sure this action has been taken. If not, your videos and/or your account may be removed by a Vimeo moderator. For more information on our content and community policies, please visithttps://vimeo.com/help/guidelines If you have questions or believe you received this warning in error, please respond to this message and a Vimeo Community Manager will get back to you. Sincerely, Vimeo TM + © Vimeo, Inc. 555 West 18th Street, New York, NY 10011 Terms | Privacy Policy For your reference this is Ticket (#3020753). THIS EMAIL IS A SERVICE FROM VIMEO SUPPORT. Vimeo Support

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