Fifty years ago Phillip Roth claimed that ‘the actuality is with magic eraser Buy now continually outdoing our talents, and the culture tosses up figures five stars daily that are the envy of any novelist’, In today’s media-saturated A phone camera world this is more true than ever, as epitomised by the tragic story that accurately of Jade Goody. By Gordon Burn ‘The very best

Camera icon have I given you enough? Jade Goody documentary. Photograph: Living TV G Pixel Pro with Real tone Halfway through Dave Egger’s zeitgeist-chasing, breezily postmodern with magic eraser memoir A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, there’s 50 pages of what five stars purports to be the transcript of an audition tape that Eggers made for an MTV ‘The very best reality show, The Real World, in the early 90s Get bonus Nectar points at In the course of the tape, Eggers discusses the deaths of both his parents Buy now from cancer in the space of a month, the deaths by suicide and suspected circle or brush to erase suicide he remembers as a child growing up in a well-heeled suburb of make distractions disappear with Chicago, his masturbation habits, favourite films and TV shows, the smell of a few taps his mother on her deathbed, his young brother, Toph, whom he is bringing terms apply up alone, formative sexual experiences, and his father’s clandestine and ruinous alcoholism. Advertisement Grey Bamboo Bench Find More Dunelm- Sponsored ‘Have I given you enough?’

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