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  • SOLD DATE:Aug 21,2007
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Hello Again Everyone!!! Offered is a section from The Beljoxa’s Eye of Buffy season 7 episode SHOWTIME !!! About 4 months ago, we purchased the entire prop Beljoxa’s Eye… Steel Cage and all!!! The whole thing was just too big (over 140 pounds) for display in our tiny basement, so we decided to dissect it. This way many fans/collectors can own an actual piece of one of the coolest “Demons” from Buffy!!! Most of the pieces have already sold, but a few do remain and I will be auctioning them off within the next few weeks. We took a few sections to our framer to have them custom framed. They look AWESOME!!! See the pictures!!! Please NOTE: You are NOT bidding on a framed piece of Eye. You will have to get that done at your local framer. We get ALL of ours framed at Catonsville Custom Framing & Fine Art in Catonsville, Maryland. is their website: T were only 3 (three) eyes that actually moved on the entire Beljoxa’s Eye. I have labeled them: X + O for easy identification. The piece you are bidding on is “Cut 3” which comes from the bottom backleft side portion of the Beljoxa’s Eye closest to movable Eye + . See the photos for EXACT location. This section is made of solid rubber and is quite large & thick. This section of the Eye contains 1 (one) Large and 2 (two) small sized eyeballs. See the pictures!!! Great for framing!!! I will include MANY photographs of various sizes with this auction. Should you decide to have your piece custom framed, then you’ll have the pictures to go with it!!!
If you live in the USA, shipping cost will be a flat rate of $12
Outside the USA…… shipping cost will be a flat rate of $30
If you live in a Hell Dimension……. I can’t ship to those!!!! Sorry 🙂 Do yourself a favor and actually go back and read my feedback. Also look at my previous auctions and see that I am the REAL DEAL 🙂 This is a PayPal only auction!!! If you don’t have a PayPal account, then please don’t bid… Thanks!!! I’ve had a few requests for Private Listings. Seems like some buyers don’t want you to know what they are buying. I can respect that, so I’m making this Box PRIVATE. Questions??? Just ask me!!! Bidding starts at just one penny and t is NO RESERVE!!!

Hello everyone!!!

Our good friends at Catonsville Custom Framing would like you to know that they are more than happy to frame your Eye piece. Depending on the size, it should run between $200 and $280 for the custom framing. Please contact them directly for more info. Once again, the framing is NOT included in this auction. Thanks!!!

Grace 🙂


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