I finally tried V R porn. In my opinion it needs one more thing to make it almost perfect Top of Form

…touch sensitive gloves.

Fiona: So I got my Gear VR today in the mail from the Dutch Samsung store, and finally got to try out some porn VR vid eos. Quite amazing. Visually the experience is, well, almost perfect. But what I really missed was not being able to feel them. I really wanted to reach out and touch their behinds and their boobs. Now if we had some kind of glove that worked with the headset, that would send out touch to the fingertips in some way, allowing us to feel the bodies of these actresses, wow, that would really, really bring the experience to the next level.

Kate: All it really needs is some kind of flexible real life mannequin and a pot of baby oil. Try making some fake breasts using warm custard and a couple of condoms. Other body parts could be easily assembled using a similar technique. Soon you would have a full “girl”.

Fiona: Making fake breasts with a warm custard and condoms? I’m afraid to ask why you know this technique.

In video: WHAT?!

Bottom of Form

Serena: The sort of haptic feedback that you are looking for, has long been one of the most sought after of VR holy grails, for porn and every other application. Sadly it seems we are still many years away from sci-fi data gloves.

Fiona: I wonder how long it will take? I was born too early, that’s for sure.

Kate: I tell you what I think VR porn needs – good plots and writing! I’m not kidding here. I think it’s pretty acceptable to have flimsy stories when watching normal 2D porn, because there’s a detachment there. Even then, I know a lot of people like myself enjoy it even more when there’s some modicum of ‘setup’, rather than people on screen, who just show up and fuck. But in VR, I think a more realistic or believable type of narrative leading into the foreplay and sex would be quite powerful, as you act out prescribed fantasy situations, virtually.

Serena: I do agree with you. Back in the 70s and 80s there used to be a period when porn directors took story seriously and some of the most amazing porn was created, like Galigula and the Taboo series. My mind would go crazy if they created VR porn like that.

Kate: I’ll have to check that out! Into the murky (and hairy) waters of 1970’s porn I go…

Serena: Go for American Style Taboo 1 and 2, those are the best ever. Then go for Galigula. Good luck!

Fiona: Can’t wait for competing brands of haptic gloves to go through the testing period.

In video: You should go to a hooker or something…

Kate: And then put the gear VR porn video on!

Fiona: Or how about having sex with the wife and simultaneously watching porn in VR. LOL!

Serena: I’d guess a hooker wouldn’t really care. I would be way funnier and insulting if you did that with a date you brought home.

Kate: Ha ha. That reminds me of a Photoshoped jay peg I promised myself sometime ago…

Serena: Hey. If you only want to touch a bum or her boobs, you’ll get more bang for your buck if you spend it on tube fare on the Piccadilly line.

Actually, I’m pretty sure you tried a stereoscopic 360 video and not Virtual Reality porn. That doesn’t really exit.




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