You Are Here

Art After the Internet

2017 reprint now available of this international bestseller!

You Are Here is the best anything I’ve read in ages …and I’m jealous I’m not a contributor. I really loved it. It’s a joy to see new green shoots of cultural tendencies emerging from barren soil.’ – Douglas Coupland (Artist and Author, Generation X)

You Are Here: Art After the Internet is the first major publication to critically explore both the effects and affects that the Internet has had on contemporary artistic practices.

Responding to an era that has increasingly chosen to dub itself as ‘post-internet’, this collective text traces a potted narrative exploring the relationship of the Internet to art practices from the early millennium to the present day.

The book positions itself as a provocation on the current state of cultural production, relying on first-person accounts from artists, writers and curators as the primary source material.

The book raises urgent questions about how we negotiate the formal, aesthetic and conceptual relationship of art and its effects after the ubiquitous rise of the Internet.

‘Curator and editor Omar Kholief’s recent book of essays and projects from artists has perfectly captured how artists have engaged with the context of the internet. Demonstrating how far things have come from ravers in their bedroom making DIY music on their desktops.‘ – Francesca Gavin (Visual Arts Editor, Dazed and Confused)

‘A book of ideas to tear through hungrily and re-read slow.’ – Kate Taylor, Programmer, BFI London Film Festival.

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Published by HOME, Manchester and SPACE, London.

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