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A 13 Point Script for a YouTube Unboxing Video

 NAFEA Conference

July 2016


  1. Say ‘Hi, guys’.


Hi Guys.


  1. Apologise for the long time it has taken you to get this new video up, because you are so busy.


I’m sorry that it has taken me so long to make this video, because I know from all your comments that you’ve been really eager to see it. And I promised you all ages ago that we’d get to see this thing, which is really very exciting indeed.


The reason that it has taken so long to get to this thing is that I’ve been so, so really, very busy. I always forget just how really, really busy it is in June, even though the University is cooling down after the students leave.

There’s all the planning to do for next year and they schedule all these meetings in, don’t they, because they know you’ll not be teaching. Then there’s the interviewing to do, the staff meetings to have, the timetables to sort out. There’s serious reflection to be done, on the year just past and of course, just like you, I try to squeeze in some sessions that will help my research and support my PhD of course. Well, that’s the University bit, but there’s all the other work to be done too, isn’t there?


I’ve been writing up the documents for my PhD transfer panel, and trying to make sure that they all make sense, that the research looks exciting, that I look very clever, that the panel can see how successful I am out there in the world, and all that jazz. I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about. I’m sure that you can feel my pain, that you’ve all been there. Plus, there’s that niggling thing, that troubling thing of this ‘new knowledge’ that I need to be generating. New Knowledge. New Knowledge?


And any time I’ve has a break from writing up the old PhD, I’ve been trying to finish a video that I’m making, which has been hanging around for a few months now. When work doesn’t get finished when I’d like it to, things start to drag on for weeks and weeks. I’m sure this happens to you too. And your thinking starts to change, doesn’t it? And then your aim for the work starts to morph into something slightly different from the original plan you had for it, and before you know it you’re trying to make a whole new video out of the footage of the first video which was never intended to be used in this new way and so things just get tougher and tougher.


And then there are the conference papers to write and the presentations to organise.


  1. Mention this is the second/third/fourth attempt at making this video, because of technical problems or background noise.


Anyway, this is my forth attempt at making this video for you and I really hope you like it. I’ve been having terrible trouble with background noise so I’ve had to work really hard to make sure the audio is clean and I can’t tell you the number of times that I had to scratch the whole thing and start over again. Oh wait, I told you that already.

This is my fourth attempt at making this video, that you have all been bugging me to make.


And I’ve had loads of technical problems with my filming equipment which has also made this video a real pain in the neck. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that it’s really tough filming in the pitch dark, especially in such uninviting and unforgiving terrain. Its not just the camera and the mike that you have to look after, but the kind of protective clothing and breathing apparatus that you need to wear for protection, make it tricky to handle things and to move around.


  1. Talk about your new and improved camera/room set-up.


I’ve not got much experience with the night vision camera that I borrowed from the University’s AV department. This is the first time I’ve used it actually. I think the picture looks ok though, a little grainy of course, but that’s to be expected. All things considered, considering the extreme conditions of the filming, I think it looks pretty good, don’t you?


  1. Apologise for the background noise that people may or may not hear, especially with the room/weather being cold/hot, so the aircon./heating is on/off, or the door/window is open/closed.


I should really apologise again for all that background noise you can hear. Like I said the atmospheric conditions where I filmed were extremely challenging. You might be able to hear the heating or the air conditioning and I think I might have left the door open by accident, sorry about that, so you can sometimes hear the wind and the rain and the police sirens and the helicopters and the roaring of the wild animals.

It’s not ideal I know, but I just thought, you guys are so keen to see this video, I just have to get it done, to hell with the little snags that pop up. I just need to get it done.



  1. Fumble around off-camera for stuff you need for your demonstration, such as scissors to open the box.


Right. Ok. This is the part where things start to get really exciting. It’s difficult to get into this package though. And I can’t do it with my fingers unprotected. Hang on, I just need to go get my latex gloves. Hang on, just two seconds…




  1. Talk enthusiastically about the object.


Oh Wow! This is just incredible. It looks absolutely perfect. Let me turn it around in my hands. Wow. I mean wow. You’ll probably not be able to see this too clearly, but trust me, wow.


Its not exactly what I was expecting though. I wonder, is it exactly what you were expecting?


I thought for certain it would be smooth, but in fact it’s quite rough and textured to the touch. Do you think that’s textured? What sort of texture would you describe that as? It’s rough, sure, but is it a bit jaggy like a wool skirt on the back of your legs at Sunday School, or is it more prickly, like the outside shell of a chestnut picked off the ground in Pollok Park?


I also thought for certain that it would be hard, but in fact it’s quite soft isn’t it? Don’t you think it is quite soft? How soft would you say it is? It’s soft, sure but is it downy and plump like a duckling, or is it more doughy, like when you prod at the side of your friend, when it is their turn to get a round in. Come on, I know you all do that. It is that soft do you think?


I was expecting something very smelly, but actually, I can’t seem to smell anything from it, can you? I mean, it’s maybe a bit plasticy, that’s only to be expected, but it’s not giving off any obvious fumes. Do you think it smells as much as an animal? I don’t think so. It smells more like a table or a mug I think. More like the kind of plastic mug you used to drink out of when you went to picnic on the pier but then the rain started and you all had to sit in the Landrover, looking out over the grey, choppy water, the drops of rain hitting hard on the windscreen and making a noise that made you shiver. It smells more like that mug I think.


I thought it would be a lot lighter too, but it is really quite heavy, especially for its size, which is a little smaller than I was expecting. But it’s a brilliant size isn’t it? I guess I can forgive the manufacturers for making it a little heavier than I was expecting, since it’s so cool, size-wise. It’s more like the size of something you could carry in a canvas tote bag, rather something you would need your rucksack for. Sure, it’s a little too big for your pocket. Well, maybe not that pocket, but most old fashioned pockets like the pockets in your jeans or the pocket on the left side of your shirt, most pockets like that would be too small for it to fit comfortably.

And of course there’s the weight thing. It’s a little too heavy for a pocket anyway. Better to stick with the canvas tote bag if you want to move this thing around. Like that one that Gareth left at your house with the picture of a castle on it, before he went to live in Japan. You used to keep it in the bag of bags in that little room just off the kitchen, didn’t you? I’m talking about the bag that Gareth left, the one that he got in Estonia before he left for Japan.


  1. When showing the object, say how the colours look completely different on camera.


You’ll probably not be able to see this, but I can see just exactly how stunning this is, colour-wise now. Can’t you? I should apologise because the night vision camera is not that great at picking up colour, so it may be that you are not quite seeing the beautiful, rich, deep hues of it on your monitor. So you’ll probably not be able to see this colour too well. Sorry about that.


  1. List many of the object’s features the viewers can also see on the manufacturer’s website. Don’t explain your opinion, reveal its pros and cons, or show how you use it.


So, I would say, just from looking at it, just off the top of my head, and remember that I spend a lot of time with these kind of things, so, well, I wouldn’t say I was an expert, but, well, I’m probably more of an expert than you are about these kind of things. So as I was saying, just from looking at it I would say that:


This is easily the most technologically advanced version of this thing to date.


It is easier, safer and better than other things and it protects from wind, chill, insects and light rain


It is fully waterproof and rechargeable, and comes complete with a USB charger.


It has an unsurpassed high-resolution 300ppi display and a built-in adjustable light.


It comes with a revolutionary next generation dynamic stabilization mechanism which indicates stability using the four blue indicators.


It has a unique taste: refreshing, longer lasting and low in sugar.


It attaches easily.


It comes in a number of luxurious styles and finishes.


  1. Talk about stuff that you usually use with this product, or can compare it to, but you accidentally don’t have with you now.


I’m sure, just like me, now that we can see this thing properly, your mind automatically thinks of all the similar things that you can remember, even from way back. I think of the one that I had in the house where I grew up and my goodness, that one seems unbelievably basic in comparison to this, but of course it was state of the art at the time. Or remember that one that you used when you were on holiday in the north of France, Deauville or Trouville wasn’t it? I can remember that you had that one with you when you discovered that you’d just paid seven pounds for a hot chocolate.


Even the one that came out last year, remember that one? I don’t expect it meant much to you at the time, but I’ve always been crazy about these things, so I secretly bought one. Then I blogged about it for weeks. This one is like that one, but of course it is more textured, softer, heavier and less smelly than the one I was expecting.


  1. Say you will put up a new video next Thursday. Friday at latest. Possibly Saturday. Sunday if that doesn’t work out. Say ‘really’ a lot.


Anyway, I’ll be posting my next video next Thursday, Friday at the latest. Really. Possibly Saturday if I get a chance and if that doesn’t work, Sunday for definite. I’m really looking forward to getting to grips with the next one and I really, really hope that you’re as excited about it as I am. Really.


  1. 1 Apologise for being so tired and messy, but you have been really busy.


Of course I should apologise for obviously being so tired and in such a mess while making this video, but as I said, I’ve been really, really busy. We all have been I know, we all are really, really busy, what with work and everything else.


  1. Say ‘Goodnight’ or ‘Have a lovely summer’ even though your video may be watched anytime during the day or year. You may want to mention the current cold/heat again.


I hope the temperature of the room hasn’t interfered with your enjoyment of my video too much. It’s been great to share this thing with you all, especially since you have all been bugging me about it for so long. And thanks again for all your comments. You guys are all awesome.


Goodnight and have a lovely summer.

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