Transcript of the audio of ‘The Horizon Object’


George Fairfull Smith: Now, we’re going to put a bib on first, ok? And what we are going to do today is we’re going to do that little filling for you, and we’re going to do it in a very nice, special way. You’ve never had this before, so I want you to enjoy it.


[Voice fades to low volume, GFS carries on talking]


Male Voice Over: Jane is having her first filling, but without a pain killing injection. This film will show how patients, dentists and doctors are using hypnosis.


GFS: I’m so pleased Jane, because this is all about imagination. Ok?


Jane: Uh hum.


GFS: So what I want you to do is, I want you to imagine that this little bit of cotton wool is a baby bunny and this is a mummy bunny and when I turn on the engine they’re going to go round and round and round. And you’re going to see them going. Oh there they go, d’you see them going round and round? Isn’t that lovely? Listen now, I want you to pop your wee head back and I want you to keep looking at these bunnies. And you’re going to watch the bunnies going round and round and round. And very soon you’re going to see a foxy. A foxy chasing them. You’re going to see a foxy. Let me know the moment you see the foxy. And the moment you see the fox, your left hand will go very, very light and you’ll lift it up for me, let me know. Let me know that the foxy’s there. And now I see you hand is beginning to lift. So just let it lift, your little left hand, that’s lovely. Your left hand. How lovely! And you can see that lovely little foxy. Now what I want you to do for me is I want you to help me. I want you to help me to save the bunnies. Because the bunnies there, they’re hiding again you see? I want you to help me save the bunnies. Because you can see the fox is chasing them now. Can you see the foxy chasing them now?


J: Yes.


GFS: That’s lovely. What colour is he?


J: He’s brown.


GFS: Brown? A brown fox, oh the rascal. And he’s chasing them? We won’t let him catch them will we? We’ll save those little bunnies shall we?


J: Yes.


GFS: What I’m going to do is I’m going to blow some air into that wee toothy of yours and I’m going to blow some lovely happy air because you know it makes a funny wee noise. And we’re going to blow the air on the toothy and that will clean out the little hole in your tooth and we’ll let the bunnies go into that little hole and hide. Shall we? Well shall we?


J: Yes.


GFS: Oh how wonderful. [Indistinct name] would you like to hold this for me please? Thank you very much. Um see this is the little thing that blows the air. And it’s going to blow a little bit of air when I do that, you see? Can you see the air blowing, do you?


J: [Nods]


GFS: You see the air blowing? Now I’m going to blow that air in your wee toothy. Are you ready..?


J: Uh huh [while nodding].


GFS: …to help the bunnies? That’s lovely. Ah the air [indistinct]. [Indistinct] that’s lovely. And you are going to [indistinct] the little bunnies.


[Voice fades to low volume; GFS carries on talking during procedure]


VO: Although Jane appears to be fully awake, her imagination has been stimulated to produce a slight hypnotic state in which she does not feel pain.


GFS: Let’s have another wee looky now. Let’s have a look. Oh you’ve done jolly well, you know that Janie? Now keep looking at those lovely little bunnies now and we’re going to clean out all the dirt and all the rubbish out of that little hole.


VO by GFS: In this case, the cavity is fairly deep. It involves two surfaces of the tooth, going from the biting surface right down to the level of the gum. Normally this is fairly painful and you are cutting through areas of, where there’s thousands of nerve endings and it’s not only painful but it’s very uncomfortable.


GFS: Right, that’s lovely. Beautifully done and I’m just going to plonk this little bit of silver and I’m going to press it in on top of the bunnies, because the bunnies are in it now. Now that was beautiful. Did you enjoy that?


J: Yeah.


GFS: Did you?!


J: Uh-huh.


GFS: Was it fun?


J: Uh-huh.


GFS: Tell me more about the foxy.


J: Well he had a bushy, a big bushy red tail.


GFS: A bushy red tail?


J: Mm-hum.


GFS: And has he run away now?


J: Uh huh [while nodding].


GFS: That’s lovely. Now that the bunnies are safe and sound?


J: Uh-huh.


GFS: And did you enjoy that little help you gave them?


J: Yes.


GFS: And you’ll have it again?


J: Yes.


GFS: And save some more bunnies?

J: Yes.


GFS: That’s lovely. Thank you darling girl. Just pop off the chair now. Thank you dear. And we’ll just walk back…


[Voice fades to low volume, GFS carries on talking]


VO: The dentist is Mr George Fairful Smith, a clinical assistant at the Glasgow Dental Hospital.


GFS:…the bunnies, eh? There you are.


[Cuts to GFS alone]


GFS: I use this regularly with children. I find it’s very effective. It hardly ever fails. And, er, they’re very responsive because at this particular age they have a tremendous ability to just imagine and this is the whole secret of this technique.


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