PhD notes occurring

29 June 2018


Didactic Peter is made less so by existence of website?

Peter and nou together engage dialectically? They each have a proposal for the use /purpose /truth of the horizon tape /footage and /or the trip to the dentist (what’s the difference between all these btw?), and while the two videos present two differing truths for the horizon thing, the publication brings together a narrative in the midst of correction and an image only narrative. What’s going on??

Is the horizon footage dialectical or not, according to Willems theory of the gnaw…?

Use Brian Willems, auto fiction Chris Kraus, sci fi…

Write recall of horizon events from my and sengas pov

There is the event of being hypnotised by the dentist, there is the raw footage of that event, there is the edited version of the event, there is the moment of broadcast of that edited event, there is the recording of that broadcast on beta max, there is the transfer of that event to digital dvd, there is the edited version of the dvd, (and there are multiple versions of the that dvd). There are the memories of that event, some accessible (mine, sengas), some not accessible (Gfs, dental nurse, program makers, camera crew. There is the inclusion of some of these in the context of Peter and of nou.

Wtf is Deleuze’s idea of assemblage and does it apply to Peter, nou videos and or books or they on the website…?

Use Naomi m quotes from those two new feminist sci fi book and a Pkd one from do androids as context for five min talk.

The horizon object moves through time and space. It’s used i.e. reconfigured, repurposed according to the whim of the author. It is mutable (and this may be helped by it existing in so many different forms).

Kathy acker biog by Chris kraus… There’s little bits in there about using one’s own biog and reimagining it each time.

Temps of media change.

Nostalgia and narcissism re me and video

Unreliable narrator is different in Peter and nou…

The actual experience of the hypnosis…

The hypnosis is ambiguous, as is Peter

About pleasing others with pretending to be hypnotised and tingling…

I could and I couldn’t be in blade runner…

Go blow by blow… How Peter and nou exist and are interpreted in all different formats and viewing experiences.

Set up a how to work the website in preface?

Fold out of flow chart of practice…?

Start from the horizon object android work out…

Why this is wonderful.

After every statement, why I’m saying it, what it refers to and why it’s important….

In Design… Get acquainted with this…

random generator