The personal bits of the videophone film ideas, i.e. failed/irregular communications, between couples – that were pre or early net:

  • The night R threw pebbles at my window and I slept through it.
  • The early email communication between R and D that became a piece in transmo.
  • The Alan garner story
  • ‘hope this tape finds you well, hee hee’
  • writing a diary/daily letter that is never read (EW)
  •                    – find this in a diary..? look for other diary coms
  • daily letters from RJ – pictures? Find these- Mossgiel attic?
  • Iron maiden – steve harris touched my knee
  • Brian May (and Roger Taylor) – again, find these?
  • The communal university phone in the hall.
  • The guitar/Amanda photo?
  • That bit in Red shift – look at orian’s belt – be together.

Reaching out – showing feelings – failing (and flailing)

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