Deckard Piano Display


Webber: Got my printer working and finally started playing with my piano pics and after a couple of hours this came together. Too bad I have to put it all away now as my girlfriend wants her desk back………that’s what i think too


Once-bitten: Women! Man that looks AWESOME! So is it all real?


Webber: Not sure what you mean by all real O.B. The only non BR item in the whole thing is a pic of my old 73 Fairlane; The Bluesmobile. I’ll drop the curtain of mystique………..


Once: Well…you know the power of Photo-shop! Wow…still looks cool! HEY! Shouldn’t the bottle be somewhere near the center?


Andy: Looks great and pretty much only BR fans would have a clue that it is meant as a display. I love the pic of Deckard and his wife in there too. Nice touch.


Webber: Still the proud father eh Paul? Thanks Andy, yeah, its a picture strictly for BR fans, just got the Mr and Mrs pic off a capture the other day, here it is if anyone wants it…… by the looks, Tyrell’s second biggest profit maker would be replicant livers.


Skin Job 66: Saw this a minute ago… AWESOME !!! Bravo Tim for this very cool photo !!!


Gaff87: Thanks for the pic, Tim. I was thinking about this very pic while watching

BR last night, lol.



Joberg: Excellent! Now you can tell your girlfriend she can have her desk back

if she buys you a piano:-)



Jfuste: Tim! Where is the PIANO?



Webber: Thanks guys, there’s a lot of your stuff in the pic Fred.

Joan and joberg, you’ve given me a great idea, if I can find a busted up old

piano, I can cut it up so there’s only about 2 feet of the front of the piano left,

just butt it up against the wall and dress it up – space and girlfriend

problem solved. I hate having things in boxes etc., Like to see them.



Once: Tim, Can I ask where you got the Saturn Lamp? It’s looks like a good solid glass,

not the cheesy looking plastic that I normally see….



fjuste: WOW! Cutting a piano is almost a sin!!!! I will never do such a thing!

Well… I’m biased in this term…. Here is my own piano…



Webber: Only a busted up one, destined for the scrap heap Joan, give it new life.

Your piano is superb. Maybe I should just look for a cheap upright.


I got it locally Paul, think its the first version of the Saturn lamp.

Got it cheap as there is a big chip one side, you can only see it when you take the top off.

The glass is really heavy. I’ve seen them on American antique sites go for over $600 U.S.

I got this for around $50.00 U.S…….



Fjuse: Hehe… I know, I know… “almost a sin” …

Yeah. It’s a more than 100 years old piano, restored just 30 years ago

(the time I have with me). A very heavy piece. I love it.

Sounds like no other electronic replica in the world…


And your Saturn lamp is very good and CHEAP!

I’ve just got mine (white with blue globe) for double this price…

heavy glass too. Those lamps are heavy as Hell…

(shipping related, you know). Only Dazor lamp is heavier!



Andy: I want to see more piano displays. C’mon Joan I bet you

can do a good one too. Maybe we could do a contest at propsummit

for the best Deckard’s apartment like display.



Fjuste: mmmmm… interesting idea Andy!

But… I’m currently working in the Ennis tile prototyping…

If I could get a master for it, well, perhaps a wall with plenty of solid tiles

could be a must to take the perfect pic!


Also, I need some space to put all together…

Technics turntable, lamps, whisky bottle and glasses, shot glasses

(orange, green, chrome ones… ), blasters, COP’s, fans,

houseware, umbrellas, coat rack, badges, patches, shirts,

shoes, pipes…. wow… the list is so long I’m afraid only

thinking about doing a set!!!


But yes, I wanna do something great with all these items!


Webber: Great idea, I love seeing other peoples stuff. I’m trying to put everything

together as a “permanent” display at the moment.

A Perspex cabinet the size of a two big wardrobes would be the dream.



Skinjob: Here is what we do with old pianos in the city I live in…

Please Joan, don’t look, you could faint while looking at this:


Tim, Yeah I saw my stuff in your photograph, that’s great !!!


Andy, the Deckard display photo contest is a great idea !!!



fjuste: Kind of vandals!!!!! WOW!!!!! The funny part is people taking

hammers and so on as souvenirs!


Well, I prefer silent movies like Harold Lloyd ones, when a

piano falls from hanging ropes and so…. mmm… must revise my movie wish list….!


Oh, my heart still beats… thank(s to) you Fred!!!



Skinjob: You’re welcome, Joan!



Scoffman: I know this thread has been dead for several years but I’ve been

inspired by offworld66’s collection since I saw it when I first started participating on this site.

The photos of his collection looked like they

could have been on the top of an upright piano but they were actually

just on top a desk, and he manipulated the sense of depth by careful

placement of the props.


I’ve been collecting BR props for a few years now, but haven’t had

any decent place to display them. Then a few months back I came

across this thread again and an idea came to me. I don’t have a desk

sitting around that I can array all my props on, nor do I have a real

or dead upright piano that I can use to display my collection either.

But I DO have a faux fireplace with a mantle that didn’t have much

on it, and on closer inspection it was almost identical in depth and

width to that of an upright piano top. So I set about placing my

props on it, and after a number of months of playing around with it,

here are the results. Enjoy!




Joberg: Excellent collection, very cool indeed …but for one little detail:

the cork in the whisky bottle (yep, that old question) unless it’s

real whisky in there, then I’ll shut up




RedArc: Fantastic display ! Congrats to such an nice collection


Scoffman: Shut up joberg… it really is whiskey in the bottle.

The cork stopper was from a bottle of Glenrothes single malt, and the cap I

used was from a bottle of Fris vodka. Unfortunately they don’t make that cap anymore

(it’s pressed aluminium over plastic) so on my other bottle

I’m going to have to use the Finlandia vodka plastic cap.

Thanks for your comments!


Webber: Great job SCOFFMAN and thanks for your comments.

I had a ball putting all that together, might try and do another one since I got the Dazor lamp

and a couple of other things since then.

You should look into getting some acrylic sheets and make a clear box or a box

without a back and base to protect the whole display.


PS, i just remembered i was going to get you some pics of my Deckard pants, will get on to it.


Jameth: Awesome display. Very well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Scoffman: Thanks guys! I’d thought about protecting my display somehow

(originally I was thinking of building a glass cube on top of a wooden

base covered with Ennis House tiles to display my collection & additional

blasters when I get them finished, and I even found all the parts necessary that they

use for glass shelves and displays in department stores) but to me part of creating

a display like this was to present it in as a ‘realistic’ setting as possible.

Even though everything is obviously arranged, and since it’s not actually on top of a piano

the sheet music standing upright makes no sense and as well for

the magazines & newspaper. For the rest of it I tried to give it a

feeling of stuff randomly placed on top of the mantelpiece.

To cover it with some sort of protective housing in my opinion

would detract from the “realism” of the display. I hope you understand

my meaning. Obviously if it was just stuff thrown on top of a mantelpiece

(in place of a piano top or coffee table) the magazines, sheet music

and newspaper would just be buried under other objects, and it

would probably be even more cluttered than my display is

(hey, you should see my billiards table!) So I’d actually rather

it gather a layer of dust and look more “real” than stick it under

some sort of plastic cover. That’s just my opinion. Most of it is stuff that can

be dusted anyway!



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